Jessi Smiles

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Demographic - 95% female 5% male

55% aged 18 - 24   //   32% aged 25-34

Since her explosive rise to 3.6 million followers on Vine, Jessi Smiles has become a familiar face on the internet with her down-to-earth and unfiltered sense of humor. Her YouTube videos featuring embarrassing and funny life stories have garnered over 90 million video views. Smiles is also a singer/songwriter who's first single, “What If I”, reached the Top 100 in the world-wide iTunes charts and garnered the interest of several major labels. Her follow-up single, “Bitch, Please!”, currently has over 2 million views on YouTube.

Her latest release, "Learn to Love", is a hopeful pop ballad featuring a bright, tender piano and vocals from Smiles and her brother, piano-pop artist Joel Vazquez. Lyrically, "Learn to Love" describes a devastating break-up Smiles experienced and the words of comfort her brother had for her at the time.

“I just remember her being so disappointed and thinking to myself like…’this dude isn’t even worth a single tear!’”, Vazquez said. “But you can’t say that to someone who is so crushed so I kept my thoughts to myself and put them in a song later.


On hearing the song for the first time a few months later, Smiles said, “I couldn’t believe it. It was something I needed to hear so desperately. It was a very difficult time to admit to myself that that love that I had invested so much time and so much energy and sacrificed so much for was not real love and…one day I would feel love and it was going to be so much more than that.”

The short version:

Jessi Smiles is a social media influencer and singer/songwriter who's funny and relatable videos have been received over 90 million views.


Joel Vazquez

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Demographic - 80.7% female 19.3% male

68% are ages 18 - 24

Joel Vazquez, also known as "Joey", an artist who's piano-based pop music has been featured on E! and who's song "A Broken Heart has reached over 300k streams on Spotify.

Vazquez's debut EP, "Where to Start", and it's follow-up, "See You Again" display his lovely voice, vulnerable lyrics, and adventurous musical sensibility.